Jermaine Jackson Closeup To Ruin Your Coffee Break


Is it possible that you spent a little too much time Sharpie’ing in your hairline that you forgot to press on those surgical grade lashes.  I really didn’t want to come for you Jermaine as I went to bible study last night so I’m feelin really holy and stuh’, but you’re a repeat offender and if you insist on being seen in the light then you clearly are askin for it.  You and your paint by number hairline recieve two drill team demerits and open fisted slap for neglecting your press on lashes, do it again I’ll kill you, no seriously I kill you.  Now I know you think that your plastic hair helmet will protect you but just like Vivica’s hairline had to find out the hard way,  I always win.  Love you like Jesus and Dem.


5 responses to “Jermaine Jackson Closeup To Ruin Your Coffee Break

  1. Dude, he looks like he’s made of wood!

  2. tee hee, I was gonna say Jello or Spam meat substitute but let’s go with wood…………hey WIL, Cedar or Oak, hee hee hee…..

    – Moderator Z’maji

  3. lord, give us a sign.

  4. the slight gloss on the lipz…*sigh*

  5. hahaha..are you serious??

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