Solange: Fuzzy, Sassy and Saaaxy! (HoneyMag Shoot)



When Solange cut her hair, shock waves of feverish kunty disapproval spread across these innanetz faster than the clap during Spring Break and every lip glossed kunt’s taint twisted into knots of hateration.  In spite of the backlash of opinions nobody asked for, Solange didn’t care, doesn’t care and it’ll be a balmy, spring day in Hell(wal-mart) b4 she does.  Check her recent interview and shoot with HoneyMag where she informs us all to back up and let her scalp folicles breath.  We live in a time where when a famous person makes a decision for their own life, we all weigh in as if we pay their bills or are related to them or know what they look like with no pannies on.  It’s fine to have your own opinion but get your head outta your colon and realize that if you disagree with someones choice, THEN DON’T MAKE THAT SAME CHOICE.  I must admit I was a little shocked, as I dreamed of one day runnin my fingers through that $5000 hindu deep wave and gettin my fingers caught in the hand made track but after I cried away dreams of precious moments with Solo, I was excited about her daring new look.  She’ll always be worthy of a good ol’ knife wieldin stalk to me!

If’n you likez Solange like me, join me as her Twitter friend: SolangeKnowles




One response to “Solange: Fuzzy, Sassy and Saaaxy! (HoneyMag Shoot)

  1. i’ll admit, littlestcreole has grown on me TONS since she broke free from the attic

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