Eliza Fresh From Vampire Slayin


Sugarz to Eliza Dushku, servin you’z reprobatez choice cutz of d’lushusniss on her way to the set of David Letterman in a beige long sleeve tube dress with black & gold embellishment and accessoriez. Peep the lace glove and natural rosy lip color stain.  Protect your cakez and goodz, if ol’ Daves jumpin the bones of staff, just imagine what naughty tomfoolereez he’ll have for the guests (I love David Letterman 4really and truly).  Even tho she’s tryin to promote a new show and move on with her life, we won’t ever let her forget that she was and still is “Faith“, the hot piece of crazy that was givin Sarah Michelle the bidniss on Buffy.


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