Red Carpet: Law Abiding Citizen



Gerard Butler lookin dapper dandy in charcoal gray tailored manliness with a touch of iridescence to appease that inner kunt.



Regina Hall in a mini party shift with sequined scallop detail.  Lustrous layered lengths noted, flip it!



Sanaa Lathan dazzles in steely gray and silver strapy spike sandals complemented by buttery thighs of thunda.  Accessory game proper, topped with flawless hair in high chignon.



Oscar nominee (KNOW THIS, take a nap Haterz) Viola Davis’ athletic body draped in pleated fuchsia pink cocktail dress and gold criss-cross peep toes.  Razor’d and feathered boy cut with heavy bangs noted, Respect!


I woulda put Jamie Foxx but he looked like this:


For a man that knows how to dress, I was thoroughly through after seeing this.  7 demeritz and 2 punches in the larynx for leavin your glam’ah at home.  Wretched…Indeed!


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