McQueen’s Atlants Space Oddessy, Avant Garde To Peel Back Yo Face

 McQueen Spring 2010


Anyone with even the brain of a lipstick knows that I lovez me some Alexander McQueen b’cuz that lil ol’ thang freakin rocks!  Personally, I think either he’z an “Xtraterrestrial” come to Earth to really screw with us or he’z knockin back that illegal snackage.  It is so rare to actually see a fashion show now-a-dayz that has an original point of view.  The shapes in this show alone will melt the botox right outta your crows feet but the watercolor like prints on the fabric will snatch your lace front into new dimensions of tomfoolery.  It’s refreshin to see clothes that you won’t find knock offs of at the swap meet, the devil be damned!

Peep this awesome insider review from ‘Style’

Also, the full show on YouTube: Part 1 of 4


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