HauteBlogNewz: You’re Fired Porkee!


“Sweetie, we don’t use plus size girls here at Ralph Lauren, SECURITY!  Escort her from the premises and make sure she doesn’t go by the Kraft services table, you know how fat girls always try to steal all the good ol’ fatnin Big Debra snacks”

The brainless wonders at Ralph Lauren fired a 120lb model named Filippa Hamilton allegedly b’cuz they say she’s a big ol’ girl.  I personally think she looks like she’s one finger down the throat away from her stomach eatin itself and havin her kidneys for desert but hey what do I know, I’m just Man-Diva Supreme Ovahness. Of coure the pic above was airbrushed to make her look more dead skinnier than she really is.  This is not REAL news b’cuz we know that the fashion industry frowns upon bodies that look like they’ve been fed.  The decades long explanation is that the model should be a hanger only and that the garment should be the only thing seen.  Funny how they don’t mind accessorizing the clothes with rib cage and bugged out eyes tho.  Don’t cry Oh fashion kunts, when will they ever learn?


One response to “HauteBlogNewz: You’re Fired Porkee!

  1. Yeah…

    And then thei was the other model that was photoshopped so much her head was bigger than her hips.

    Ralph Lauren needs to go ahead and hire 10 year olds to model his clothes since obviously a real woman that have gone through any sort of puberty would not work for him.

    Hell my 5 year old’s hips would be too big for Ralph Lauren.

    A Big Butt and a Smile

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