Haute Tunez: Shakira Be Bustin Up Sealy Posturepedicz

Shakira – Did It Again

No you piece of loose floating colon sewage, this is not a remake of Oops I Did It Again!  Besides I’ll be making that myself when I release my debut album, Boogina’s Stanktified Requiem  <==What?  The classically trained dancer in me spazzed a gay old spazz when I saw the choreography that Shakira and the guy dancer do on the bed but the dude in me had to jam my googley eyes back in the socket when Shaki’ start twirkin & bakin them cookiez, boy am I gonna have a headache 2morrah!  This is the follow-up to the song/vid She-Wolf which melted the elastic in my Fruit-uh-da-Loombs and continues to give my thighs static cling when I think about it. I read on a few other blogs where the moderator said they didn’t really like the video but you know, every loser with pie fillin for brains is entitled to their own opinion no matter how little it matters to the real world………..yawl know we needz to respect for all peoplez.


4 responses to “Haute Tunez: Shakira Be Bustin Up Sealy Posturepedicz

  1. those were some crafty sexnastics rite thur!

  2. I think she tryna swaggah jack yo bedroom skills BELLA…..

  3. i aboulutly love Shakira track she wolf

  4. Shakira is looking her best in her new video. Just saw the preview.

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