The Reasonz ‘Givin Face’ Should Be Taught In School


Kidz, did you know that every time a photographer takes a bad picture the Lord Gaude of Glory kills a paparazzi?  So in light of the perm free Katt Williams’ mug shot(WHICH HE WAS INNOCENT) and Sammy Sosa’s exposed skinless facial membrane, lets pour out a little oil based liquid foundation for our fallen media leeches.  I hope when you saw these pictures they didn’t cause your vision to call in to work with a bleedin case of H1N1.  1st and foremostedlyz,  I don’t understand why they can’t provide a licensed esthetician with Wal-Mart brand face towlettes for celebs when they go to jail, this picture is screamin for Moist’cha!  Wipe Me Down! 


Poor Sammy however is sufferin from the nip tuckin, cosmetically ambitious spirit of Michael Jackson.  Face look smooth like Gary Coleman or raw, uncooked chicken tiddy cutletz.  Don’t worry Samz, I’ll just rebuke it and reverse the spell, “MaMa-Say-MaMa-Sah-MuhMa-Koo-Sah,  MaMa-Say-MaMa-Sah-MuhMa-Koo-Sah”.


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