Trample Hatin Heffa Headed Trollopz In Style


When I saw these Kenzo Wedges I slammed my head into my comp and gave thanx to Anna Wintour’s bob of wonder for allowing such wahn-da-fohl-ness to descend from the heavens.  These sturdily built toe crushers cost a pretty penny but if I know you, you’re not above roughin up some little old lady for her pension check & soft carmels to get the funds.  Deep down, granny would want you to buy your tootsies a little happiness from Kenzo, geriatrics are so kind & givin y’know.  Make sure she can’t identify your face in a line up tho, they don’t let you rock fierce kicks in maximum security and those orange polyester blended jumpsuits can be a real damper on one’s will to live sense of style.


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