Girrrrlll, Demi Moore Is PhotoCHOP’D & Still Look Gooder Than You


After you’re done drooling on my blog and leave a substantial check to pay for the water damage you’ve caused maybe you’ll be able to read my post! *scowl of southern gentlemanly disapproval*

The cover of this Decembers W magazine has some how taken us for dribbling, diaper wearin idiots b’cuz it says that this fine piece of estrogen is 47 years old.  Now I might have to wear a diaper on occasion but I am not an idiot, a prefer the term ‘selectively moronic’.  Alas, however, the flyin monkey trolls over at Wikipedia say that she is in fact 47 but that’s of course if you want to buy into their confirmed and validated, time-tested information,  PUH-LEEEZE!  Even tho these pictures have clearly been touched by the au natural magic of photoCHOP demons, we all know from our inappropriate teenage fantasies that she basically does look just like this.  Oh Demi, I don’t care if your hip gives out and your skin turns paper-thin causing a rustling sound every time you take a deep breath, you’ll always be the Cougar whose Depends I’d love to change…………Ewwww!





2 responses to “Girrrrlll, Demi Moore Is PhotoCHOP’D & Still Look Gooder Than You

  1. Yoooouuuu are HILARIOUS! I had to follow you on Twitter just so I could be entertained everyday!

  2. Thanx TAM, stay wit me Pooh……I need repeat readers to make this thang grow and I believe that Gaaaauuuude led you here. Now the Laude say write me a check and leave it blank…….thus saith the Lord Godt’ of Saboith! *CHEEZE*

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