Haute Tunez: That Gossip Gal Pushin It Up On Paula Pattonz Baby Daddee

Leighton Meester Ft. Robin Thicke – Somebody To Love

Careful Meester, Paula is pregnant that means she can get away with acts of murder and blame it on the stress of pregnancy or questionable late-nite food combinations.  I must be totally honest,  when I found out that Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl was going to be puttin out music, I took out a major insurance policy on my ears.  It covers bleeding of the ear drums, sudden imploding of the cochlea and provides hearing aids in the case of blunt force trauma to the inner ear situation.  I’m so glad to say that I was wrong,  I mean real wrong, wronger than polyester blended gowns and heavy blue eyeshadow at prom.  Between Leighton being draped in couture and Robin Thicke coo’n through this piece of glam pop, the Meester is my new favorite stalk!


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