Speak Of The Devil, Fabulurss Lagerfeld Mini-Me’s!


Aren’t these the cutest most mortifying little trinkets that ever slipped out of the abysmal hole of hell.  When you look at them, itz almost like you can feel your soul bein sucked out through your crap shoot, kinda tickles doesn’t it *giggletz*.  In celebration of  kick starting the Apocalypse his magnificent new line of apparel, being released exclusively via collete, Karl Lagerfeld(Oh Mighty Prince of Darkness), along with Tokidoki have released a mini collectable of Karlz own likeness, sounds like some’o’dat devil worshipin to me!  Itz almost hard to tell them apart what with the skinny black suit, the slicked back coif of white hair, the dark shades that hide the dead lifeless eyes, burning with a tyrannical rage bent on the utter destruction of man-kind and existence as we know it……..yaaahs, a perfect likeness. Peeer-fict!



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