Michelle Williams Is: Tenitra Fierce



Yaaaaaaaaaahhsss Tenitra Michelle La’Destiny Fierce!  Live Judy, LIVE!






Easter Sun’dy Best, B Selection Soloist Game Propah!


If you don’t know, Tenitra is Michelle’s real live Gaude given negro spiritualized 1st name……I know, right!  I spazzed a gay old spazz and my face quite yesterday when I seent’ Destinys Child’s church hen meltin photo lenses with feverz and thangs of that nature.  I thought it was Sausage Fierce but when I didn’t see a leotard strip pulled up into exposed crotch petals I realized it was our little missionary Michelle, yawl know this lil ol’ thang is destroyin ya self-esteem right nah!  These snapz are from a recent photo shoot with photog guru Derek Blanks which I’m surprised looked this good after Derek’s encounter with the Artificial House Monkeys of Atlanta.  I’m surprised he survived cuz y’know harpies suck the life outta unsuspecting men to stay young so they can live to terrorize mankind for another 100 years.  Itz kinda like socialite harpies filling their face cracks with butt fat and foreskin pomeade, only more invasive like a hot grease colonic.  And at that last statement, I see I’ve gotten off subject into a really dark, desolate ugly place: Wal-Mart’s apparel section.  See Tenitra below and fling a lil love gift in the offerin plate b4 you leave:

michelleblanks3   michelleblanks2


michelleblanks7  michelleblanks4


2 responses to “Michelle Williams Is: Tenitra Fierce

  1. I always thought she was the most interesting looking of the three. Something about the facial structure that I find alluring. Also, she looks like she would be a wildcat in bed.
    I should’ve just wrote the last sentence and leave it at that.

  2. Ooooo, WIL you’se a freak ain’t chu? I always did like Michelle too, so many other people dogged her but I liked her and the other 2.

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