Z’maji Sayz Beyonkey Donkey & GaGa-Goo Owe Me Moneyz!

Beyonce ft Lady GaGa – VideoPhone


I don’t know what stunt Beyonce’s jigglin donkey cakez is tryna pull but  I wantz my money back………and I ain’t even paid none!  I watched this vid last night and tho I was livid with disappointment, I slept on it.  Alas, however, I awake to find it wasn’t a wet nightmare but it was in fact the blood pissing tragedy that it is.  What a waste of manpower and billable hours!  I’m sure gaggles of gayz everywhere are catchin the vaporz and clutchin their salt water pearls becuz of this foolishness but I’m not amused for we are not ignorant of the devils devices *praise break*.  The devil is workin, really workin and now that gyrl has moved into workin in video production cuz clearly this is the workinz of evil from the moist dewey warmth of hell.  I knew ‘VideoPhone’ was about a video phone but I don’t see why it has to look like IT WAS FILMED ON ONE, and why is my GaGa-Goo barely in it?  What did B have her doin the whole time, chillin at the Kraft services table eatin pastry, tryna make new dimples of cellulite?!  What I really wanna know is, who let their child edit this on their college grade calculator becuz I’m ready to exact my revenge.  Howz about a nice chemical peel with battery acid and staples.  Itz like I’ve been anticipating this moment ever since I heard about it and now, like a new virginal bride with an inexperienced husband, I’m left feelin unsatisfied, greasy and sore!  I loves my Beyonkey Donkey but thank GAUDE itz not to late to annul this thing!


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