ARRGH, Blast That GlitterPuss Adam Lambert!

[photo courtesy: gossiprex]
What in the iridescent hoe mongerin baby thighed hail is happenin in L.A.?  I’m sorry Ms. Lady but I believe you made a wrong turn, Mad Max and The Thunderdome are back the other way to the right, next to the Gap, proceed there and kill yourself post haste!  I have no idea who in hell left the gate open and let the kunts escape but we need security to the service desk immediately to rectum’fy this situation.
This of course is the evil workinz of darkness by one Adam Lambert for the shooting of his 1st Vida “For Your Entertainment”.  I was, however, under the influence that he was shooting a music video and not a gay porn period piece?  I also didn’t know that cock socks, uh, I mean loin cloths were in this season?  I don’t know whether to be pissed at the audacity or thank him for at least coverin his man-junk, malnourished as I’m sure it is.  I want it to be known that if I happen past you on the street and you are re-creating this look, I will promptly destroy you in the face and use your dead corpse to transport illegal knock-offs to needy 3rd world countries. Don’t tempt me childrenz…………

3 responses to “ARRGH, Blast That GlitterPuss Adam Lambert!

  1. Heaven forbid if his ANKLES get a chill!
    This gets 5 out of 5 eye-rolls!

  2. I’ve managed to get a little sleep, and also a little more time to think of this ridiculous image. It gets me angrier every 11.2 minutes. It’s not enough that Queen asked him to be their vocalist, which would put him in a special vocal category, and he turned them down. Not enough that he put out a disc with a kitschy cover; now he’s walking around like that in the streets. It’s weird, I had the impression that his parents were supportive and gave him enough attention, for him NOT to be pulling stunts like this.
    What a brat!

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