HauteTunez: Shakira Vidz – More Contagious Than That Swine Fee-vah!

Shakira ft Lil Wayne – Give It Up To Me

I bind and rebuke the uterus poppin spirit of Sasha Fierce!  Come out I say, back to the hoodray house part from whence you came *flings anointing oil drenched Louis Vuitton prayer shawl*.  Sweet gyratin back doe’ cakez of hell,  who knew that Shakira was a get it-get it-go girl.  In this sweet and to the point vid for her new song Give It Up To Me, our chaste She-Wolf bangs out this jammin negro spiritual with her new buss-it-baby, sperm bank extraordinaire Lil Wayne and he brought along his dreadlock extensions, how Christ like of him.  Anywhorez, you get it Shaki, you bettah bake and serve them hot cakes and empanadas and things of that nature.  Check out the buttah brown hip-hop dancers pushin that baby maker to improve international relations, Oooo Shakira, you all down with the colored people and stuh’.


11 responses to “HauteTunez: Shakira Vidz – More Contagious Than That Swine Fee-vah!

  1. Gah, I am sooo conflicted about this! On the one hand, I’m glad that Shakira is trying not to be a one-trick pony, but on the other hand… it’s Shakira. Everything about her screams “contrived.” So, now that Madonna is getting long in the tooth, there’s gonna be a long line of pretenders, is that it?
    As long as I brought up Madonna… please, stop trying to be a sexy girl and be a sexy woman. I can give you a list of women in their sixties who can still get it. Key word: WOMEN.

  2. You didn’t like Shakira poppin her birthin cave up on ya? As far as Madonna, she was done a long time ago, but they just won’t cash in her pension so she still gotta serve up those dusty pound cakez. When you get old, you should act respectable, hoetivities are for your youth.

    I thank you 4 reading WIL, you’re the best!

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Ha, ha! You’re signing off as though I’m done with Shakira! You know that she started off as a hippie chick in Latin America? Her hair was dark, btw? Resentment began to boil up for me when she went blonde, and she started with the slow crawl and the belly dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I love those hips of hers, but the only thing that I’ll love every single time is oral sex. Belly dancing should only be a treat.
    No need to thank me Z, you’re pretty funny, so of course I’m gonna read your entries.

  4. Oh WIL you’re talkin about her days with dark hair and colored yarn interwoven, when she was singin Ciega, Sordomuda and Estoy Aqui and donde estan los ladrones? Yes, I feelz u……she was a different chick then but I still have enjoyed her evolution into the Latin American Sasha Fierce

  5. *gasp*
    If you didn’t google that info, then that was certainly impressive of you to know that, since she was mostly well known in Latin America. Wow, I say, wow!

  6. Oh WIL, if you only knew. Here in Houston, on Saturdays, they used to play a show called Onda Max and Caliente and another show I forget the name of that opened with Vegas like dancers that used to have groups like Illegales, Azucar Morena (LOVE), Ana Gabriel, so many others and that duo of two boys I think they were brothers, I don’t remember there names. Whatever the case I watched those shows religiously cuz I’ve always been really into Latino culture. When Selena died I was devastated and I’m in Texas.

  7. “When Selena died I was devastated and I’m in Texas.”
    LOL, I can only imagine! There were longhorns AND long faces that day!

    Hey, did you happen to see that horrible, horrible Selena movie with that Lopez woman?

  8. HA! I actually like that piece of trash, it was an enjoyable film that threaten to rot my brain.

  9. Ouuuh!!! I was on a date the only time that I saw that. My date ended up with the object of her affection, who happened to have dropped by, and I was glad to have gotten out of there.
    That’s how bad it was!

  10. Thank Jesus for good timing then…..

  11. Really I did not like much her recent cd

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