Patricia Fields Got That Good-Good

If you were ever in a 12 step program for addiction to Oochy-Wallah and the Projects Sex and The City, then you’re a Patrica Field stan(fan + stalker = stan) like me.  Patricia was the costume designer/stylist for the series and the movie.  I wonder if she also styled the Sushi bikini Samantha’s snackerdoodle wore in the film *ponders*.  I personally had to go through a 3 week deliverance service, were I was doused in anointin’ oils and suffocated with a prayer shawl and by the sweet, delicious spittle of Christ I was delivered……….now I only watches the re-runs.  Back in everyday people land, Patricia Fields online store has debuted new pieces for the forward and ris-kaaay.  Body suits, jackets, dresses and Patricia’s original claim to fame, leggings.  I would cop me a pair of the mens legginz and break out these buttery brown thigh meatz on yawl but I don’t want to be anybodys reason to embrace the piss green spirit of jealousy, that girl is a’mighty unsavoury!



2 responses to “Patricia Fields Got That Good-Good

  1. So, they’re bringing back the early ’80s, huh? Just at the nexus of punk, new wave and Paula Abdul.

  2. Yes, WIL someonez been sniffin glitter puff paints and this is the result of that.

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