Monthly Archives: December 2009

La-Boo-Tenz For Mens, Bless Leyomi’s Jawline of Strength and Powah!


Dear Jesus of Divine Ovahness,

Oh cosmic stylist of heaven, I snap Z formation in a circlez 3 times in the beauty of your glamourness and things of that nature.  I know that itz your will for me to be more beateous than these carbon based life forms and their Payless couture, so won’t you please get for me my very own collection of men’s 2010 Louboutins.  I’d buy it myself but I don’t think Mr. Louboutin takes food stamps and who knows how many babies I’d have to steal and sell on the black market for that kinda cash.  I was gonna call up Sugah Mama so she’d buy it for me but for some reason people seem to look at that kind of transaction as prostitution and I won’t be a part of that kinda foolishness………………anymore.  If you do this for me, I promise to never again plot against Anna Wintours bob of wonder……….well……at least not on Sun’dy.    Hurry Jesus cuz I’m clenchin my brown eye in anticipation, I wantz it!

In the strength of Leyomi’s strong Cro-magnon jaw line,


P.S. I’m still waitin for that bedazzled LouWee Baton duffle with a lock of premium lace wig from Sasha Fierce, yaaahs