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And Gaude Said Let There Be Italio-Japanese Ovahness

Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2010 (MilanFashionWeek)

1. This is Fashion

2. Keep An Open Mind

3. Note The Strategic Layering and Shut-Up & Respect My Authoritaaaaar

This is the Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2010 collection that recently showed at Milan Fashion Week and before I go get a payday loan to get myself some, lemme tell you about it.  This seasons collection seems less calculated and not as glossy as the previous with what’s being called “Grunge Street Samurai” which makes me feel very DragonBall-Z, I Super Saiyan on yawl girlz! *Ahem* Uh, there’s almost a serene undertone to its careless chaos.  Now I know generally when men wear skirts its followed by a chorus of It’s Raining Men and a shot to face of confettiz and glitterz but in this instance I want you to take your head out of your sphincter and understand these skirts are more Eastern Religion chic than RuPaul control top pantyhose’d military tucks.  SashayShantaeSHABAAM!


Liya Servin International Puddinz In ELLE:Italia

The beauteous Liya Kebede graces the cover of the January issue of Italian ELLE.  Isn’t she delicious?!  Someone’s lookin real Ritz cracker spreadable *nom.nom.nom*and I put that on my mama nem.  Right now she’s givin you bohemian alleyway socialite, itz a real look too, google it boo.  I would take the time to break down the look and the designers but the side notes are all in Italian and we all know they didn’t teach foreign language in the hood…….let alone any other quality higher edumatationz so letz just enjoy Liya and her buttery brown ovahness.

<flix via ConcreteLoop>




Die Screamin 2009 or Happy New Year


As I set here sippin communion Welches that I stole from church,  I can’t help but be excited about this new year and all the wonderful things I’m hopin for.  2009 was the year of stagnation and I personally thank the lord that girl is dead so much so that I’m spittin on itz grave.  Burn in hell 2009!  May the devil boil you in a vat of hot gritz forevermore you unsuccessful lazy whore, Good Evenin Girl!  In this new year I pray that the Gaude of Glamah sprinkle happy glitterz all over your life and every endeavour prospers by leaps & bounds in spite of various hoe-mongerinz you have yet to send back to the pit of hell. 

Look for a new look and a new name coming soon.