Die Screamin 2009 or Happy New Year


As I set here sippin communion Welches that I stole from church,  I can’t help but be excited about this new year and all the wonderful things I’m hopin for.  2009 was the year of stagnation and I personally thank the lord that girl is dead so much so that I’m spittin on itz grave.  Burn in hell 2009!  May the devil boil you in a vat of hot gritz forevermore you unsuccessful lazy whore, Good Evenin Girl!  In this new year I pray that the Gaude of Glamah sprinkle happy glitterz all over your life and every endeavour prospers by leaps & bounds in spite of various hoe-mongerinz you have yet to send back to the pit of hell. 

Look for a new look and a new name coming soon.


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