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Merry Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Americanz!

Let us not forget that this day is not about stuffin your lovehandles with BBQ’d carnage but about the men and women that had the balls to put their tiddies on the glass and tell opponents of freedom, “No Ma’am Gyrl! Not in my country, now sat down and shat up”.  Don’t get me wrong now, I’m about to get ugly with a plate of mesquite pig knuckles myself, but while I’m lettin the demon of gluttony have itz way, I’m gonna be pourin out some of my mama’s homemade chicken chitlin glaze for our fallen military peoples.  They deserve that and so much more, thank you wonderful soldiers.  This is one person that will never forget.


ELLE Netherlands Stole Yo Mama Clip On Ponytail

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Giiiirrrrrllll, yo side ponytail is everything but you boy tiddy gets 2 drill team demerits.  I was about to urinate on my screen, as I thought this was Lindsey Lohan at first, but then I realized it wasn’t and clenched to spare my co-workers and computer from an unnecessary golden showah, WRETCHEDT’.  ELLE mag gets the best lookin dolls for their covers don’t they?


R.I.P. Alexander McQueen


In an age of wannabes, copy-cats and attention whores, there was an original by the name of Alexander McQueen.  What a magnificent, unparalleled soul. How tragic that he’ll never again take us by the hand and lead us down the rabbit hole to that beautifully frightening universe where zombie dolls and chiffon clad phantoms frolic in fields of heather colored houndstooth. The misunderstood legends of art now have a fellow in tragedy, of cruel fate. He was simply, THAT dude!