MANmaries All In Ya FlatScreen, Blame Old Spice Dude!




Old Spice Dude answering questions to fans and celebrity stalkers?  My Gaude, My GAUDE!  ARRRGGH, Tiddys!!!

Everytime I turn around Tiddys!  Old Spice Tiddys here, Old Spice Tiddys there, everywhere!  Old Spice Tiddys on the t.v. & on the radio. Old Spice Tiddy shapes in the clouds, jiggle flexin through my nightmares, holdin up banks at gunpoint, suffocatin death row inmates for the state to save tax payer dollars and NOW Old Spice Tiddy setz on the YouTube?!  Did  a certain *ahem* starlet part her thighs and unleash Apocalypse already?  Well, If you ain’t know, Old Spice dude is shuckin them MANmaries for fortune & fame and I’m p-i-ss-e-d.  Of course, if the truth be told I have the tiddy envy.  Not that my boi-tiddyz aren’t evuhreethiing, but……..well……..Old Spice dudes are just…………well, bigger than mine.  It just reminds me that I benchpress the same amount as a sickly young armless girl and that’s just depressing.  Enjoy these tiddys while I get back on my workout regimeeenn.



More Old Tiddy here: OldSpiceYouTube




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