Expensive Shoes To Remind You Which Class You’re Not In….


….stop lookin around, I mean YOU…..or have we forgotten about the gov’ment a$$i$tance we’ve been tryin to get our couture with knowin full well Nordstroms dont take no ”foodstamp charge card”. Don’t be ashamed, at least you didn’t earn it on your back or balancin on your head or whatevah *shrug*…..

Acne Wedge Boots

ACNE wedge booties


I thought I’d post this piece of smut for you shoe whores, y’know, those of you not afraid to turn some tricks for some kicks. *KA-BOOOOM*  OH! Did you hear that?  That was the sound of someones inner-meats goin nuclear, how pleasant.  I’ll thank you however to quit rubbin your body up against the screen, this ain’t that kinda site.









Adidas Y-3x Honja highs


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