Oh No She Di’Int!

I know that you did not just stumble and fall on the runway during fashion week and as if that wasn’t enough, take off the shoe and hobble your little hobbit headed body off stage!?!?!?

Oh!………I’m sorry…………..was walking to the end of the runway and back without the aid of an act of God too difficult to pull off?

REALLY?! At the Burberry show too?  I knew when they start lettin models eat again we’d have problems.  If I had my way lil girl, the only fashion job you’d be able to get after this would be selling t-shirts at the tractor pull gift shop to dudes nick-named Bubba whose idea of high-fashion is a pair of overalls that don’t have a hole in the crotch!

These models clearly don’t know how to execute a professional walk unless Ms. Anna Wintour is runnin behind em’ crackin that name brand whip!

Let’s Not Forget The Classic:


One response to “Oh No She Di’Int!

  1. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It’s like the high-fashion version of Crazy Legs (the break dancer from the 80s) [underfed skinny giraffe-leg voice] Wobbly-wobbly-wobbly-whoaaaaaa!!!!!!

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