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Oh No She Di’Int!

I know that you did not just stumble and fall on the runway during fashion week and as if that wasn’t enough, take off the shoe and hobble your little hobbit headed body off stage!?!?!?

Oh!………I’m sorry…………..was walking to the end of the runway and back without the aid of an act of God too difficult to pull off?

REALLY?! At the Burberry show too?  I knew when they start lettin models eat again we’d have problems.  If I had my way lil girl, the only fashion job you’d be able to get after this would be selling t-shirts at the tractor pull gift shop to dudes nick-named Bubba whose idea of high-fashion is a pair of overalls that don’t have a hole in the crotch!

These models clearly don’t know how to execute a professional walk unless Ms. Anna Wintour is runnin behind em’ crackin that name brand whip!

Let’s Not Forget The Classic:


And Gaude Said Let There Be Italio-Japanese Ovahness

Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2010 (MilanFashionWeek)

1. This is Fashion

2. Keep An Open Mind

3. Note The Strategic Layering and Shut-Up & Respect My Authoritaaaaar

This is the Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2010 collection that recently showed at Milan Fashion Week and before I go get a payday loan to get myself some, lemme tell you about it.  This seasons collection seems less calculated and not as glossy as the previous with what’s being called “Grunge Street Samurai” which makes me feel very DragonBall-Z, I Super Saiyan on yawl girlz! *Ahem* Uh, there’s almost a serene undertone to its careless chaos.  Now I know generally when men wear skirts its followed by a chorus of It’s Raining Men and a shot to face of confettiz and glitterz but in this instance I want you to take your head out of your sphincter and understand these skirts are more Eastern Religion chic than RuPaul control top pantyhose’d military tucks.  SashayShantaeSHABAAM!

McQueen’s Atlants Space Oddessy, Avant Garde To Peel Back Yo Face

 McQueen Spring 2010


Anyone with even the brain of a lipstick knows that I lovez me some Alexander McQueen b’cuz that lil ol’ thang freakin rocks!  Personally, I think either he’z an “Xtraterrestrial” come to Earth to really screw with us or he’z knockin back that illegal snackage.  It is so rare to actually see a fashion show now-a-dayz that has an original point of view.  The shapes in this show alone will melt the botox right outta your crows feet but the watercolor like prints on the fabric will snatch your lace front into new dimensions of tomfoolery.  It’s refreshin to see clothes that you won’t find knock offs of at the swap meet, the devil be damned!

Peep this awesome insider review from ‘Style’

Also, the full show on YouTube: Part 1 of 4

HAUTE Designers: Raf Simons Fantastical Chic


Belgian born Raf Simons is the current designer that is on my radar.  He’s an eccentric artist that refuses to be photographed and was one of the first designers in the 90’s to begin to cultivate a slimmer, more delicate silouette for menswear.  I was excited by his S/S 08′ collection because of the breezy, unconventional peices that he drapped on the male models.  The phrase, “fashion is art,” rings so true with Raf Simons

The other thing I really enjoyed was the multi-colored boots and flats he presented that mirrored the Balenciaga multi-colored heels that Beyonce wore to the American Music


Awards in 07′.  Just Crazy!  And I know not every body will like it but it’s my blog and you know me Fashnophiles, I love crazy!

 -Z’maji, “Crazier than a soup sandwich”







HAUTE Designers: Sell yo’ mama for a Dolce&Gabbana wardrobe

If it wouldn’t blaspheme God almighty,  I think that I would worship at the throne of D&G.  I have been obsessed with this fashion house since I was 13 when I saw a pair of their leopard print jeans(don’t judge me) that I lusted for with sinful fervor. Every year I’m excited to see what they’ve put into play.  Even tho’ I’m no label whore,  I still have my favorite major designers and D&G excites me beyond understanding,  it’s really quite pitiful, mm-hmm………………………………………..I’m seekin professional help, pray for me.  Check their SS-08′ show at Milan fashion week.  The models is just “sick-nin”             

 -Z’maji, “Yeah, Uhhh…….my mother…..isn’t…really….heeere……..right now”

                                              Dolce&Gabbana SS-08′ (p1)

                                              Dolce&Gabbana SS-08′ (p2)

“HAUTE”: L.A. Fashion Week makes me HAUTE!!!

Yes my fellow fashno-philes,  Fashion Week L.A. has come upon us like a thief in the night, a thief dressed in finely crafted couture, mm-hmm thats ‘me’ kinda criminal.  I am so excited becuz I kinda dropped the ball on Fashon Week New York,  I was havin’ issues, but hold on to your naughty high-priced knickers,  it’s time for some catwalk stompin’.  Oooo yea baby, talk dirty too me!!!

Chic cowboy Traver Rains and the ever glam-boy Richie Rich continue what I call, “Life Size Barbie Couture”, with their wild take on Americana. 




Kevan Hall showcased beautifully bright gowns with spellbinding African prints and showstopping metallic colors.

kevanhall2.jpg     kevanhall1.jpg

kevanhall3.jpg     kevanhall4.jpg

Coco Johnsen’s frilly frocks were bedecked with chiffon and sumptuous metallic fabrics, with French lace, ribbons and playful ruffles.

cocojohnsen2.jpg  cocojohnsen1.jpg

Joseph Domingo served up polished glitz with a collection of pristine white and soft pinks, off set by gold and fringe accents.

josephdomingo3.jpg        josephdomingo1.jpg

josephdomingo2.jpg     josephdomingo4.jpg

Ecoganik resurrects the flower child with simple hippie chic mini dresses, blousy tube tops, and flowing pallazo pants in sweet pale hues.

ecoganik2.jpg    ecoganik1.jpg

Randolph Duke’s jungle inspired collection, Glamorganic.  Covered in shimmering palm fronds, this mini-dress is definately my favorite frock so far.


Stay tuned for more tasty treats from Fashion Week L.A…….I’m on it babeh!!!

Check out for more.

Fashion Week NYC is here!!!!!!!!!!! Ooh yea, talk dirty too me!

So my beauteuous fash-no-files,  I know I’m a tad late on the postins’ but get over it, Z’maji’s been busy.  Now I’m gonna post the things that I’M feelin’ so if you want to see the others you need to go to the Fashion Week site yo’self.  When you become the moderator of THE hottest fashion blog online then you can call the shots, but remember, I am THE Fashion Authority, KNOW THIS!!! So I won’t waste time,  let GLITTERLUST begin.  N’Joi chil’drens

J. Mendell’s glam fantasy




Verrier’s glossy creations


Malandrino’s flirty frocks


DKNY’s “haute” procession




Rodarte’s shimmer and shine



Diane Von Furstenberg and her billowing beauties



Proenza Schouler sassy sheaths


Peter Som


Sari Gueron


Tracy Reese



Michael Kors


And a little bit-o-man chic


                     Z Zegna                                        Phillip Lim


           Michael Kors                                       Michael Kors

More 2 come but I’m overdosin’ over here.