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Liya Servin International Puddinz In ELLE:Italia

The beauteous Liya Kebede graces the cover of the January issue of Italian ELLE.  Isn’t she delicious?!  Someone’s lookin real Ritz cracker spreadable *nom.nom.nom*and I put that on my mama nem.  Right now she’s givin you bohemian alleyway socialite, itz a real look too, google it boo.  I would take the time to break down the look and the designers but the side notes are all in Italian and we all know they didn’t teach foreign language in the hood…….let alone any other quality higher edumatationz so letz just enjoy Liya and her buttery brown ovahness.

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Blessed Be Coco



You betta pose you d’lushuz piece of woman cakez!

Here’s Coco Rocha in Spanish Vogue(I would’ve said Vogue Espana but I can’t figure out how to put the ~ over the ‘n’ *shamed*).  A few years ago,  Vogue did a issue called “The Worlds Next Top Model”, which featured 10 fresh faces including Chanel Iman, Agyness Deyn and sweet Coco.  Even though all the girls looked in serious need of cornbread and donut’n’pork sausage sang’whiches,  I saw heaven in Coco’s food deprived eyes.   From that moment on,  I knew I’d love her till the 12th of never when Karl LagerfeldSatan brought back bowler hats and Doc Martins.  In all honesty,  that’s true,  she totally killed that issue like none of the other girls could.  Clearly they were too hungry to give face ovahness and pose silly down like sweet Coco.  Now be silent and worship.  If you’re good she’ll frown for you and make your life of value,  insolent dogs. 

 – Z’maji, “Oh Coco,  I’ve just promoted your career  and you didn’t even have to promise me your 1st born”





HAUTE Tunez: Christina Milian Made Me Swallow My Gum

Christina Milian – Us Against The World

(WARNING: May Cause Sexual Arousalmentation………ness)

Back in the day Christina Milian had a song called, “Get Away and I fell head over heels in stalk love, even when she started makin sexi timez with Nick Cannon *jealous*.  Everyone has their flaws,  maybe at the time she had low self-esteem or a brain aneurysm or a yeasty infection that was affecting her ability to make responsible life choices?  Whatever the case, she was and still is a vision of ‘thank ya jesus’.   Her new song “Us Against The World”is refreshing but the daring leotards are like pure adrenaline.  I know my pulse was racing – wait,  maybe that was for another reason, down boy*woof*.  Anyway,  congratulationings to sensational model Nick Dese who plays Christina’s mysterious desert lover mayne.  Unfortunately,  they ended the scene before we got to see some butta brown relations but I’d like to believe he rocked her wig……….in the biblical sense of course.  I really hope he wifes her and lives off the residue.

-Z’maji,  ”  *watches video for the 30th time,sigh*  “

Beautiful Ones: Face


Newz: Vogue ask is Fashion Racist…….DUH?! @*%$


In the shadow of the monster that is “THE ALLLLL BLACK ISSUE OF ITALIAN VOGUE”, the current issue of Vogue(with Nicole Kidman on the cover) has a timely & relevant article on the race issue that is plaguing the fashion industry.  I wasn’t going to read it cuz I was sure there would be a lot of things in it dispelling the fact of the lack of color AND THERE WERE JUST SOOO MANY WORDS, but I took a minute to stop being a douchebag & forced myself to read it.  I must say that I was thorough pleased with the content.  It really took a hard hitting look at real problems in this field.  There were so many points and facts that were made that mirrored my own stance on the “white-out” in fashion.


I really believe that, as the article states,  that it has been a tough past decade for models and that of course it’s REALLY tough for models of color.  I believe that now that the dialogue has been established,  what with legendary models of color Iman & Bethann Hardison holding forums,  I just know we’re in the market for a revolution in the industry.

 – Z’maji, “Colored girls gotta eat too!”


One of my favorite blogs has a lover’ly write up on the article: The Fashion Bomb

HAUTE Models: Agyness Is Still That Chick!

Look at Agyness rockin’ those pristine white Balenicaga gladiator heels for UK Vogue.  They didn’t use her in an editorial this time but does it really matter?!  Look at that cover!  She’s still m’favorite and slicker than your average.  Do it Mamma…………and close your legs, what will Mum think?

HAUTE Models: Gabe Makes Martha & MiMi Moist

 Macy’s – Gabriel Aubry, Mariah & Martha Stewart


 Top model and Halle Berry’s sperm donor/baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, is in a high-frikkin-larious new ad for Macy’s.  He has recently become the new face for Calvin Klein and what a face…….if you like that sort of ruggedly handsome, golden boy look *bitter much?*.  Check out Martha Stewart checkin out his rump and MiMi gettin’ all flustered when ole boy comes strollin’ through the Macy’s lobby leaving a barrage of horny female sales reps quivering in his wake.  You aught not to make the womens fell all creamy like that you cruel, cruel man.  So he’s a successful model with legions of women that want to be his best “friend” and he’s bumpin’ uglies with Halle Berry?  You MUST have sold your soul to the Devil, nobody’s that lucky! 

-Z’maji, “Watch out Gabe, MiMi will eat your face & lay eggs in your dead carcass…….God I love her”

P.S. Check out Gabe with his baby Momma :

Tastier than a plate of interracial neckbones

Tastier than a plate of interracial neck bones, yummiez