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Expensive Shoes To Remind You Which Class You’re Not In….


….stop lookin around, I mean YOU…..or have we forgotten about the gov’ment a$$i$tance we’ve been tryin to get our couture with knowin full well Nordstroms dont take no ”foodstamp charge card”. Don’t be ashamed, at least you didn’t earn it on your back or balancin on your head or whatevah *shrug*…..

Acne Wedge Boots

ACNE wedge booties


I thought I’d post this piece of smut for you shoe whores, y’know, those of you not afraid to turn some tricks for some kicks. *KA-BOOOOM*  OH! Did you hear that?  That was the sound of someones inner-meats goin nuclear, how pleasant.  I’ll thank you however to quit rubbin your body up against the screen, this ain’t that kinda site.









Adidas Y-3x Honja highs


Oh, Cruel Fates!


Nike Harajuku – NIKEiD Bespoke Exclusive Design Options

Various earthquakes in various lands…..

BP makes poo-fudgez in the Gulf…….

Miley Cyrus exposed her teeny puddin…..

Clearly the Lord is pisst’ and now this disaster!? Nike Harajuku offered 24 spots for its NikeID Bespoke personalized specialty sneaker experience and all 24 spots were gobbled up in mere minutes, dashing the hopes of hundreds of losers hopefuls upon the cruel rocks of fate.  There’s a fashion slut cryin into a jug of gin as we speak, pray his strength (and NO it is not me).  The experience includes a 90 minute consultation where the participant can choose from wild fabric and print choices not available to other consumers.  Whats really sad is I didn’t even know!  No email, no text, no smoke signal, no carrier pigeon, no Nahthingk’!  Anderson Cooper is slippin, I mean he can report on crap like Haiti and Katrina but life altering events like this?……… Anderson Cooper! 


Nike Harajuku – NIKEiD Bespoke Exclusive Design Options


More At: Freshness Mag


Jeremy Scott Owes Me Soooo Much Bail Moneyz

adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott   Fall/Winter 2010   Lookbook


Remember that time yawl had to scrape together some money to bail me outta jail when I tackled the lip-glossed kunt that was holdin that last pair of Adidas JS Wings by Jeremy Scott  and I had to hire Johnny Cochran from beyond the grave to play the race card against the system to get me off bcuz the lip-glossed kunt, JayLaVonte ShaCreem and his sidekunt LaMichael McPattyCakeletz, who shall remain nameless, decided to press charges cuz he alleeeeged that in the collision his hymen was broken, therefore stealing his virginity *inhale*.  Well the 2010 collection for Adidas by Jeremy Scott is here and I’m standing across the boutique from her kunty lipglossedness and he’s holdin the last pair of Jeremy Scott polka-dot parachute pants and well……….yawl take out a pay day loan, I’ma need yawl to come get me from the clink again…..CHAAAARGE!  Hurry before the inmates realize I have the back-doe cakes and thighs of a healthy corn-fed southern belle, I got my back pressed against the cell wall, prayin in tongues as we speak.

Pictures via: Freshness Mag

adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott   Fall/Winter 2010   Lookbookadidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott   Fall/Winter 2010   Lookbook


adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott   Fall/Winter 2010   Lookbook

La-Boo-Tenz For Mens, Bless Leyomi’s Jawline of Strength and Powah!


Dear Jesus of Divine Ovahness,

Oh cosmic stylist of heaven, I snap Z formation in a circlez 3 times in the beauty of your glamourness and things of that nature.  I know that itz your will for me to be more beateous than these carbon based life forms and their Payless couture, so won’t you please get for me my very own collection of men’s 2010 Louboutins.  I’d buy it myself but I don’t think Mr. Louboutin takes food stamps and who knows how many babies I’d have to steal and sell on the black market for that kinda cash.  I was gonna call up Sugah Mama so she’d buy it for me but for some reason people seem to look at that kind of transaction as prostitution and I won’t be a part of that kinda foolishness………………anymore.  If you do this for me, I promise to never again plot against Anna Wintours bob of wonder……….well……at least not on Sun’dy.    Hurry Jesus cuz I’m clenchin my brown eye in anticipation, I wantz it!

In the strength of Leyomi’s strong Cro-magnon jaw line,


P.S. I’m still waitin for that bedazzled LouWee Baton duffle with a lock of premium lace wig from Sasha Fierce, yaaahs

Trample Hatin Heffa Headed Trollopz In Style


When I saw these Kenzo Wedges I slammed my head into my comp and gave thanx to Anna Wintour’s bob of wonder for allowing such wahn-da-fohl-ness to descend from the heavens.  These sturdily built toe crushers cost a pretty penny but if I know you, you’re not above roughin up some little old lady for her pension check & soft carmels to get the funds.  Deep down, granny would want you to buy your tootsies a little happiness from Kenzo, geriatrics are so kind & givin y’know.  Make sure she can’t identify your face in a line up tho, they don’t let you rock fierce kicks in maximum security and those orange polyester blended jumpsuits can be a real damper on one’s will to live sense of style.

Shoe Game: I’m Sorry, Shin Hi Whats?




It’s Converse Shin Hi Boots and I’m not sure if I’m inflamed with anger of a thousand burning fire crotches or bubbling with girlish anticipationz.  It might just be a tummy bubble,  those habanero wings are wondrous but they give me more hot air than the politicians “makin” on our country.  I’m sure it’s the latter but please act as tho it’s not so that my naughty bitz still feel manly.  I really think these could pair well with a slim cut jean or even a clean khaki slack with a cuffed hem but what do I know

*que orchestral theme music*

 “All Hail The Supreme High Priest of Man Diva Ovahness – HA”

So……………ummmm,  if anybody feels led to…………um…………….y’know, but them…………….for me……………………………..please don’t hesitate.

Z’maji, “And no I will not be trading ‘favors’ for them……………….this time *shamed*”.

Shoe Game: New Supra SkyTop Golds


I don’t care if Nike comes out with a new pair of Air Jordan’s that pay the bills and make sweet mind shattering love to you,  they’ll never, ever be able to touch Supras.  With Supras,  you always know you won’t just get a pair of hot sneakz but also design and color that pops like none other from underneath the cuff of your jeans.  I know I’m gettin mine.  I hope the haters don’t spill their haterade on my Supras when I glide by.  I’d hate to splatter blood on my new kicks.

Z’maji, “Mines is cuter than yours is”